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The inpatient facility provides intensive evaluation of children and adults with epilepsy. There are two main reasons that you may be referred. First is characterization of attacks – not all attacks thought to be epileptic seizures are due to epilepsy, and if attacks are due to epilepsy it can be very important to determine the exact type of seizures. The second reason is to determine whether you are suitable for surgical treatment of epilepsy. This is only considered if seizures are not controlled by medication.


What’s involved

This will vary from patient to patient. We try to minimize the time in hospital so your tests will be streamlined by our staff and some may be organised for you as an outpatient. The information gathered is then discussed by a group of specialists to advise how best to treat your epilepsy.

Further information about Epilepsy Investigations that may be conducted.

More information is available by downloading the Patient Information Brochure.

Seizure Surgery Follow-up and Rehabilitation Program

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Program has established a wide-ranging pre- and post-operative support program for patients who are considered for surgery. More information on the seizure surgery follow-up program.


How to be referred

Your doctor will need to send a referral to one of our neurologists who will determine whether inpatient evaluation is necessary. If so, your information will be passed on to the Epilepsy Liaison Nurse, Penny Kincade, or one of the Paediatrics Liaison Nurses, Karen Strewart and Brialie Forster, who will arrange the appointments for you.


Further information and contacts

Further information about the Children's Epilepsy Program and being an inpatient at Austin Health is available on the Austin Health Hospital website.


Epilepsy Liaison Nurse

To speak to the Epilepsy Liaison Nurse for more information about the inpatient Comprehensive Epilepsy Program please contact Penny Kincade by:

Email: penny.kincade@austin.org.au

+613 9496 5000 and ask for Penny to be paged, or
+613 9496 5791 and leave a message

Penny Kincade
Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Ward 6 North
Austin Health
Studley Rd
Heidelberg, 3084


Paediatrics Liaison Nurse

To speak to one of the Paediatrics Liaison Nurses for more information about the Children's Epilepsy Program please contact Brialie Forster or Karen Steward by:




Please call +613 9496 5000 and ask for Brialie Forster or Karen Stewart to be paged on 5515.

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