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There are two clinics for people with epilepsy at Austin Health managed by consultant epilepsy specialists. The First Seizure Clinic is for those who have their first seizure. The second clinic, the Austin Epilepsy Clinic, is for people with epilepsy who would like neurological review and further management. If their epilepsy is severe, they may be considered for evaluation for epilepsy surgery. This clinic has both paediatric and adult epilepsy specialists.


Epilepsy Clinic

This is a multi-disciplinary clinic providing care for children and adults with epilepsy. We have access to special testing facilities and are frequently involved in assessing new treatments. The clinic is run on a Monday afternoon at the Austin Hospital campus, level 3, Outpatient Department, Clinic 2.

How to be referred:

Your doctor can refer you to the Epilepsy clinic. Appointments for the adult clinic are made by telephoning outpatient bookings on 9496 2444. Appointments for the paediatric clinic with Professor Ingrid Scheffer can be made by calling 9035 7344. No appointments can be made unless there is a referral from a GP or other treating physican.


First Seizure Clinic

Experiencing a first seizure can be an alarming experience for both the patient and their families. We have established a First Seizure clinic to provide rapid assessment and treatment for adults and children over the age of 5 years with their first attack. A critical test is the EEG (electroencephalogram) and this should be done as soon as possible after the seizure.

How to be referred:

Your doctor or the Emergency Room doctor can refer you by calling the Neurology Registrar at Austin Health (9496 5000). If appropriate, the Registrar will arrange an urgent EEG. After the EEG, the patient is to make an appointment at the clinic. This is normally within two weeks of the EEG. Information on how to make an appointment will be given to the patient at the time of the EEG. The clinic is run on a Tuesday morning at the Melbourne Brain Centre, on the Austin Hospital campus, 245 Burgundy Street Heidelberg.

More information on the First Seizure Clinic

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