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Surgery Follow-up Program
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Seizure Surgery Follow-up and Rehabilitation Program

Epilepsy surgery can be life changing. In recognition of the complex adjustment process that may accompany surgery, the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program has established a wide-ranging pre- and post-operative support program for patients undergoing surgery. Our program has been internationally recognised, and provides a range of multidisciplinary services. These include specialist medical and neuropsychological reviews, and psychosocial counselling which are routinely provided at regular intervals. This is complemented by phone follow-up from specialist nursing staff and psychology graduates.



Our outcome research program utilizes carefully followed cohorts of patients who have undergone epilepsy surgery and those with new-onset epilepsy.  We are interested in long term prognosis of epilepsy and factors that determine outcome.  This work is closely linked to the neuro-cognitive group where we integrate outcome aspects in the cognitive and psychosocial domains.  Our research has been published internationally, and is recognised for its long term and varied perspectives of outcome after surgery. We have current research projects in the following areas:

  • adjustment issues after surgery in adults, adolescents and children
  • mood and sexual outcome of surgery
  • cognition and memory function
  • predictive models of outcome
  • psychosocial outcome after epilepsy surgery compared to other conditions (ie: narcolepsy and cardiac disease)
  • long-term seizure outcome after epilepsy surgery
  • risk factors for seizure recurrence after surgery
  • comparison of seizure outcome for types of epilepsy surgery
  • mortality after seizure surgery


Key People

Associate Professor Sarah Wilson
Senior Neuropsychologist and Research Co-ordinator, Seizure Surgery Follow-up & Rehabilitation program
Email: sarahw@unimelb.edu.au

Dr Marie O’Shea
Deputy Director Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Co-ordinator, Seizure Surgery & Rehabilitation program
Email: marie.o’shea@austin.org.au

Penny Kincade
Epilepsy Patient Care Co-ordinator
Email: penny.kincade@austin.org.au

Dr Anne McIntosh
Co-ordinator, Long-term Follow-up
Email: a.mcintosh@unimelb.edu.au

Clare Averill
Research Nurse, Long-term Follow-up
Email: caverill@unimelb.edu.au



Publications can be found using the search engine PubMed or on Dr Anne McIntosh and A/Prof Sarah Wilson's University of Melbourne Profiles.

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