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Details of personnel involved in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program can be found on the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program page.


Genetics of Epilepsy Research


Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Director, Epilepsy Research Centre

Director, Paediatrics
Co-director, Children’s Epilepsy Program
Paediatric Neurologist

Dr Saul Mullen Neurologist, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Doug Crompton Neurologist, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Rhys Thomas Neurologist, Epilepsy Fellow

Molecular Lab

Dr Michael Hildebrand Laboratory Head, Research Fellow
John Damiano Senior Research Assistant
Elena Aleksoska Senior Technical Assistant

Research Assistants

Bronwyn Grinton Senior Research Assistant
Jacinta McMahon Senior Research Assistant
Kate Lawrence Senior Research Assistant
Karen Oliver Senior Research Assistant
Alexandra Sandow Research Assistant
Susannah Bellows Research Assistant
Brigid Regan Research Assistant
Sinéad Heavin Research Assistant
Rosie Burgess Research Assistant
Sarah Paterson

Research Assistant
Wellington Hospital, NZ

Emily Mountier

Research Assistant
Wellington Hospital, NZ


Lisa Johnson PA to Prof Sam Berkovic
Alex Bonello PA to Prof Ingrid Scheffer
Holly McManus Technical Assistant
Sarah Wallace Technical Assistant


Epilepsy Outcomes Research: First Seizure and Surgery Outcomes

Dr Anne McIntosh Senior Research Fellow
Dr Mark Newton Neurologist
Dr Patrick Carney Neurologist
Clare Averill Research Nurse
Dave Marco Research Assistant



Prof Michael Saling Director, Neuropsychology
A/Prof Sarah Wilson Senior Neuropsychologist
Dr Marie O'Shea Senior Neuropsychologist
Dr David Weintrob Neuropsychologist


Clinical Trials

Paul Lightfoot Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator
Georgie Glubb Clinical Trials Coordinator
Annie Roten Clinical Trials Coordinator
Lorraine Green Administration Assistant


Neuroimaging in Epilepsy Research

Prof Graeme Jackson

Neurologist, Deputy Director of The Florey Institute of Neurocience and Mental Health

Prof Alan Connelly Head of MR Physics Development
Dr John Archer Neurologist, Senior Researcher
Dr Patrick Carney Neurologist, Epilepsy Fellow
Dr David Abbott Senior Scientist
A/Prof Fernando Calamante Principal Research Fellow
A/Prof Paul McCrory Senior Research Fellow
Dr Michael Makdassi Senior Research Fellow
Shawna Farquharson Chief Radiographer
Dr Simone Mandelstam Consultant Radiologist
Dr Peter Brotchie Radiologist
Claire Mulcahy Radiographer
Kelly Owbridge Radiographer
Dr David Raffelt Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Evan Curwood Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Chris Tailby Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Donald Tournier Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Lisa Willats Postdoctoral Fellow
Aaron Warren Research Assistant
Donna Parker Research Assistant
Mira Semmelroch Research Assistant
Farnoosh Sadeghian Research Assistant
Hailey Meakim Research Assistant
Steve Fleming Specialist MRI Engineer
Jewell Gardner PA to Prof Graeme Jackson
Rita Alampi Administration Assistant
Carmel Jacobson Operations Manager


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